Essential Oil Sugar Scrubs

Nature intended our Skin, to be its Outer Shield and our Personal First Protector but for it to function properly it must be maintained and it too protected from constant attack of insects, pollutants, chemicals, microbe and free radicals.  All of which causes our skin to look Dull & Dry. 

Use Robert’s Essential Oils Sugar Scrubs, MiKlah and wrap and protect your skin with that Veil Of Softness. 

Unlike some scrubs, which only has 2 Or 3 oils, Our products include a minimum of Six (6) vitally important Essential Oils which can be used on the Hands, Feet, Hair and Entire Body.  MiKlah is also Natural and does not contain any of the Chemicals regularly used to bond oil and sugar together. 

When used as directed, Miklah_Melalucea, Peppermint_Tingle or Lavender_Splash will leave your Skin looking and feeling, Smooth, Soft,  Naturally Healthy and Refreshed.


Mix Well Before Using

Directions: Use 3 to 5 times weekly for maximum effect.  Regularly exfoliating can help tone and rejuvenate skin cells.  Keeping your skin healthy and nourished.  For best, results rinse with warm water after use and naturally air dry if possible. 

 For external use only.  Do not ingest. If accidental ingestion occurs flush with water and consults Physician. 

Keep out the reach of Children. 

Do not use on children under 6 years of age.  Some people may be allergic to oils.  

Store in a safe dry place.


This Product contains Oils. Please take extreme caution both during and after using.  Oily surface can cause slipping, resulting in falls and accidental injury.

Ensure all surfaces such as bathroom floors or tubs are properly cleaned and free of oil after using this product.